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So please tell me, what do Midwest Men really think of Southern California women???????????? I have no preformed thoughts re: Southern California women. But see if your in chicago or a city close..can multiply this by about 15 because most guys in those cities 'know EVERYTHING'.....

Do you really have any preformed thoughts or stereotypes?????? Since we know that all midwestern men think the same thing about all women from southern California, it should be simple enough to find any one of them to state that group's opinion.

My opinion is that Californians are self important, talk way more than they listen and in general feel that, because of where they hail from, their opinions should carry more weight. A., I suppose, but when transplanted learn the lay of the land before you chime in on things you don't understand.

Oh and one more thing, if you are from the greater megaopolis of Los Angeles then just say you are from L. No one cares whether you are from north hollywood, hermosa beach or irvine, its all the same thing. Think of the scene from the movie 'Easyriders',"Ya ain't from around here, are ya?

However, we are attracted to girls based on looks, attitude, and their actions. If things are not working out with guys the way you would like, look for the real reason and not something insignificant like which state you are from.realbrunette, Why the mass exodus from California? I lived in the southland for 1.5 years, had one gf from the midwest.Crowds, cost, commute, etc., all good reasons not to live in Ca. I don't know what you're doing now, but cubicle life isn't for me either. People weren't made to be stuck in a small space for at least 8 hours every day. in every direction, but crowds going there and/or coming back, sitting in traffic, you feel like half the planet's population went there also. Smjle, I was just trying to figure out if I wanted to state in my profile where I was raised. Cal girls came from people that I had no dating interest in.And the politics have gone way too far to the left. Their comments lead me to believe that it was not a good thing to mention in a profile due to stereotyping.I've heard it called "the land of fruits and nuts".:)You guys didn't help your image any by electing Arnold, either. Hmmm I really do not have an opinion about women from S. However the fact that you made a point of saying that you are from there in your profile suggests that you are unhappy where you are now.

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