Dating in the midwest

Nothing like washing your car, coming out the next morning and finding a layer of soot all over it. Realbrunette, it is fine if you don't mention where you are from and it is fine if you do. If not mentioning it makes you more comfortable, that that is the best thing to do.

Do you really have any preformed thoughts or stereotypes?????? Since we know that all midwestern men think the same thing about all women from southern California, it should be simple enough to find any one of them to state that group's opinion.I just recently added to my profile that I'm from CA and have already had a strange comment stated.I do know that 40,000 people left California and moved to Missouri in 2004, I thought it should not be that risky having that in my profile. CKHi realbrunette, I live in Wisconsin (that Midwest enough) and have been to Calif once in my life. I would think that they have the same stereotypes that most other men have about southern california women...are shallow with no substance and ultimately missing the whole picture when it comes to 'life'.I was raised in Texas, all of my children were born in Texas, but I did live in California for a while so maybe I can offer some limited insight to you.Keep in mind that these are nothing but simple observations from a single point of view.

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